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Patina: Tiffany Student Lamp Base Replica

About a year ago, I stumbled upon two lamp bases in a local antique store. According to the store owner, these were replicas made to look like actual Tiffany lamps. Antiques in their own right, such bases are rare today, even though they are not actual Tiffany. Close examination of the detail and a comparison […] → Continue Reading Patina: Tiffany Student Lamp Base Replica

Won Ribbon at MN State Fair

I recently entered the Tiffany Snowball (or Hydrangea as it is often called) into the Minnesota State Fair. I received a ribbon for my efforts. It felt good to see there was interest in this kind of work. Here’s a nice image of onlookers, captivated my my lamp:

Entering Hydrangea Lamp in MN State Fair

Now that I have a true Tiffany replica base for the 16-inch Hydrangea lampshade, I feel it’s appropriate to capture a wider viewing audience. I am planning to show the lamp in the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. If it earns any awards, I am guessing it will be on display in the Creative Activities Annex. […] → Continue Reading Entering Hydrangea Lamp in MN State Fair

Sunset Wisteria Project

Every so often a project comes along that allows you to work with incredible designs and colors. That was the case for this 4-panel project entitled “Sunset Wisteria”. The concept was straightforward—create a 4-panel piece to fit into two cabinet doors using wisteria flowers as a subject. The only catch was that the flowers needed […] → Continue Reading Sunset Wisteria Project

Minature Acorn Shade

One of the many geometric designs created by Tiffany Studios was the Acorn, or Vine Border shade as it was called in original price guides. This shade is popular for its simple design because it matches virtually any decor. In this example, I have adapted a simple 7-inch geometric dome to carry the “acorn” border. […] → Continue Reading Minature Acorn Shade

Hydrangea Lamp Takes Honorable Mention

A local glass shop called Glass Endeavors holds an annual spring art show. This year I entered the 16-inch Hydrangea lampshade. With more than 60 entries, my lampshade went home with the People’s Choice Honorable Mention award. Several viewers wrote nice comments about the shade and it was great to see the piece next to […] → Continue Reading Hydrangea Lamp Takes Honorable Mention

Sun Catcher in the style of L.C. Tiffany

A typical sun catcher found in any gift shop will often depict a hummingbird, a flower or sun bursting with “paint-by-numbers” artificiality. Rarely do these whimsical figures represent the best that stained glass can offer because they are simply too small or too literal to demonstrate the subtleties of color and design aesthetics that is […] → Continue Reading Sun Catcher in the style of L.C. Tiffany

Newer Dragonfly Heat Cap Failure

This dragonfly shade suffered from an improperly attached heat cap. Sometimes called a “cold” solder, the cap was never fully attached, probably because it had been patinated (colored) before it was attached. Disaster was averted when the owner realized repairs were necessary. The cap was carefully removed and the top row of glass cleaned of […] → Continue Reading Newer Dragonfly Heat Cap Failure

Tiffany Snowball or Hydrangea Shade

There are many Tiffany designs available for the modern stained glass lamp artist. Using the same techniques as the artisans at Tiffany Studios over 100 years ago, it’s possible to create museum quality reproductions that put the inexpensive imported lampshades to shame. This example was created using opalescent art glass shown in the samples pictured. […] → Continue Reading Tiffany Snowball or Hydrangea Shade