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Tiffany Snowball or Hydrangea Shade

There are many Tiffany designs available for the modern stained glass lamp artist. Using the same techniques as the artisans at Tiffany Studios over 100 years ago, it’s possible to create museum quality reproductions that put the inexpensive imported lampshades to shame.

This example was created using opalescent art glass shown in the samples pictured. The Snowball shade depicts the Viburnum flower with stems at the top and the flowers and leaves extending down to the lower edge. This shade design which was taken directly from a Tiffany Studios original was discontinued by Tiffany in 1910 and only a few examples have survived.

The large round flowers, overlapping leaves, branches and a blue/purple sky background are lifelike renditions typical of many Tiffany shade designs. The rounded dome shape echoes the snowball flower clusters and the irregular border adds interest.

Rendered in gorgeous shades of opal, blue, purple, green, yellow and brown, this shade is comprised of 348 individually cut pieces. Each piece is wrapped with copper foil and positioned on a fiberglass mold before the gaps are filled with solder. Once completely soldered, the metal lines are treated with a chemical patina to give them the traditional Tiffany green/brown appearance to match the bronze base.

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  • Anita
    05/28/2016 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    I am looking for the 16 inch Hydrangea pattern. I found the form but not the in paper pattern. If any one has this at a reasonable price I am interested in purchasing it. Thank you.

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