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Perching Parrot Repair

A friend of the family presented a parrot with a broken wing. This was an interesting project because the resulting piece is more sculptural than a typical window or sun catcher. The parrot has at its base a steel nut to which a threaded rod is attached. The nut and the rod were supposed to be […] → Continue Reading Perching Parrot Repair

Victorian Sidelight Repair

A previous client returned with another repair. This time, a clear sidelight had a couple broken pieces. The window itself is modern construction done in a victorian style using round gems and a few bevels. The glass that was originally used was slightly seeded, meaning it contained an occasional line, ripple or air bubble. Matching […] → Continue Reading Victorian Sidelight Repair

Sun Catcher Geometrics

Commissioned as a series of holiday gifts, these sun catchers feature wonderful variations that can be found in just a single, simple piece of opalescent art glass. Designed as basic geometrics, the assortment of circles, squares and triangles emphasize the color rather than depicting a specific scene. However, given the number of round examples, some […] → Continue Reading Sun Catcher Geometrics

French Door Windows Repaired

After an unfortunate mishap, I got a call to repair the rectangular window pane in a French door. Each section of the door contains a glass panel assembly with several rows and columns. Likely original to the late 1800s house, the panels in this bedroom door matched others leading to the porch. Constructed of zinc […] → Continue Reading French Door Windows Repaired

Beveled Upper Sash Restoration

Studio Hanson is restoring a beveled window for a house in St. Paul. The upper sash and centerpiece of a three part installation of bevels had nearly fallen completely out of its frame. The rounded rectangular section, bordered by 8 long bevels, had sagged in so that the bottom lead line was actually leaning onto […] → Continue Reading Beveled Upper Sash Restoration

Sunset Wisteria Project

Every so often a project comes along that allows you to work with incredible designs and colors. That was the case for this 4-panel project entitled “Sunset Wisteria”. The concept was straightforward—create a 4-panel piece to fit into two cabinet doors using wisteria flowers as a subject. The only catch was that the flowers needed […] → Continue Reading Sunset Wisteria Project

Buffet Accident Repaired

Another St. Paul customer called with a repair. Their Colonial Revival home has a beautiful built-in buffet cabinet in the dining room with three leaded windows. The center window which is normally held in place with brass turnbuttons had slowly become loose. During an unfortunate moment while closing the adjacent glass door the center section […] → Continue Reading Buffet Accident Repaired

Oval Victorian Window Restoration

Shortly after the Villager article, I was contacted by a fellow St. Paul resident in the process of restoring his Victorian home. Adjacent to hia front door is an oval window that matches the facade transom. This oval window suffered from years of dust and grime embedded into dark shellac that was used to finish […] → Continue Reading Oval Victorian Window Restoration

Studio Hanson Featured in the Villager Newspaper!

There I am on the cover of The Villager, peering proudly through one of my first restoration projects, the Secretary Cabinet Window. The Villager dedicated two pages to the article written by Frank Jossi which gives a nice overview of some of my work. Several great photos taken by Brad Stauffer also appeared in the […] → Continue Reading Studio Hanson Featured in the Villager Newspaper!

Sun Catcher in the style of L.C. Tiffany

A typical sun catcher found in any gift shop will often depict a hummingbird, a flower or sun bursting with “paint-by-numbers” artificiality. Rarely do these whimsical figures represent the best that stained glass can offer because they are simply too small or too literal to demonstrate the subtleties of color and design aesthetics that is […] → Continue Reading Sun Catcher in the style of L.C. Tiffany