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O.C. White Lamp Restoration

We recently picked up this antique piece hoping to restore it to a working industrial modern table lamp. The O.C. White company is still in business, founded over 100 years ago by a dentist who used his tool making skills to construct his own work lights. The highly adjustable designs made their way into the […] → Continue Reading O.C. White Lamp Restoration

Perching Parrot Repair

A friend of the family presented a parrot with a broken wing. This was an interesting project because the resulting piece is more sculptural than a typical window or sun catcher. The parrot has at its base a steel nut to which a threaded rod is attached. The nut and the rod were supposed to be […] → Continue Reading Perching Parrot Repair

Victorian Sidelight Repair

A previous client returned with another repair. This time, a clear sidelight had a couple broken pieces. The window itself is modern construction done in a victorian style using round gems and a few bevels. The glass that was originally used was slightly seeded, meaning it contained an occasional line, ripple or air bubble. Matching […] → Continue Reading Victorian Sidelight Repair

Birds and Floral Shade Repair

In April of 2011, a customer brought in a beautiful shade that was in desperate need of repair. The shade was likely an import, but the pattern was intricate and the glass was very nice. However, the construction—at least from a structural perspective—was lacking the proper reinforcements necessary to hold its own weight. As we […] → Continue Reading Birds and Floral Shade Repair

Sun Catcher Geometrics

Commissioned as a series of holiday gifts, these sun catchers feature wonderful variations that can be found in just a single, simple piece of opalescent art glass. Designed as basic geometrics, the assortment of circles, squares and triangles emphasize the color rather than depicting a specific scene. However, given the number of round examples, some […] → Continue Reading Sun Catcher Geometrics

Stairwell Fixture Built and Installed

This past winter I had the opportunity to tour the Purcell-Cutts house, a Prairie School home in Minneapolis that is now preserved and maintained by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Inspired by one of the original light fixtures in the house’s stairwell, I decided to build a replica using raw brass parts and vintage wiring. […] → Continue Reading Stairwell Fixture Built and Installed

French Door Windows Repaired

After an unfortunate mishap, I got a call to repair the rectangular window pane in a French door. Each section of the door contains a glass panel assembly with several rows and columns. Likely original to the late 1800s house, the panels in this bedroom door matched others leading to the porch. Constructed of zinc […] → Continue Reading French Door Windows Repaired

Beveled Upper Sash Restoration

Studio Hanson is restoring a beveled window for a house in St. Paul. The upper sash and centerpiece of a three part installation of bevels had nearly fallen completely out of its frame. The rounded rectangular section, bordered by 8 long bevels, had sagged in so that the bottom lead line was actually leaning onto […] → Continue Reading Beveled Upper Sash Restoration

Won Ribbon at MN State Fair

I recently entered the Tiffany Snowball (or Hydrangea as it is often called) into the Minnesota State Fair. I received a ribbon for my efforts. It felt good to see there was interest in this kind of work. Here’s a nice image of onlookers, captivated my my lamp:

Entering Hydrangea Lamp in MN State Fair

Now that I have a true Tiffany replica base for the 16-inch Hydrangea lampshade, I feel it’s appropriate to capture a wider viewing audience. I am planning to show the lamp in the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. If it earns any awards, I am guessing it will be on display in the Creative Activities Annex. […] → Continue Reading Entering Hydrangea Lamp in MN State Fair