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Studio Hanson Featured in the Villager Newspaper!

There I am on the cover of The Villager, peering proudly through one of my first restoration projects, the Secretary Cabinet Window. The Villager dedicated two pages to the article written by Frank Jossi which gives a nice overview of some of my work. Several great photos taken by Brad Stauffer also appeared in the […] → Continue Reading Studio Hanson Featured in the Villager Newspaper!

China Photograph published on BBC News

Back in early 2003, the BBC News website was running a photo submission “contest” and hundreds of photos were submitted from around the world. Each week, the editors would select ten of the best images that captured world events from the average citizen’s perspective. This was an early example of Public Insight Journalism and I […] → Continue Reading China Photograph published on BBC News

Alaskan Photo Holiday Card

A memorable trip to Alaska in June of 2004 yielded some wonderful images. This photograph of the mountains meeting the mirror-like glacial tidewaters of Glacier Bay surprised me. The reflection of the mountain in the water resembles a Christmas tree with snow! I decided this would make a great holiday card for that year. Without […] → Continue Reading Alaskan Photo Holiday Card