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DIY iPhone Case

So, you have the new iPhone 5, and like me, you were horrified to find out that the Apple Store doesn’t have any cases. Zip. Nothing. Nada. So, you wandered out to a kiosk in the mall and found someone selling cases you don’t really like. What do you do? Simple, you order your favorite […] → Continue Reading DIY iPhone Case

Summit Sips Turns 101

Some of you may not realize that I maintain another website called Summit Sips. It’s a cocktail blog running on WordPress with a custom theme similar to the technology behind the Studio Hanson website. Recently, Summit Sips published its 101st article. Breaking 100 posts may not seem like much to a micro-blogger or someone who is […] → Continue Reading Summit Sips Turns 101

Studio Hanson Featured in the Villager Newspaper!

There I am on the cover of The Villager, peering proudly through one of my first restoration projects, the Secretary Cabinet Window. The Villager dedicated two pages to the article written by Frank Jossi which gives a nice overview of some of my work. Several great photos taken by Brad Stauffer also appeared in the […] → Continue Reading Studio Hanson Featured in the Villager Newspaper!

iPhone Holiday Card

I don’t do holiday cards every year, but when I do, I usually try to make it relevant and unique. Since I’m not a big fan of those holiday letters people like to send, I decided to compromise in 2008 with a card idea that Kimberly suggested. With all of the hype surrounding the iPhone, […] → Continue Reading iPhone Holiday Card

Twilight T-shirt and other items

Check out some of the items related to Twilight, the movie and book series by Stephenie Meyer, but only if you love vegetarian vampires! A collection of great stuff is available for purchase at* Actually, we did a group buy of a bunch of different T-shirt styles that we plan to wear as a […] → Continue Reading Twilight T-shirt and other items

Studio Hanson on MPR?

Yes, it’s true! You will hear my voice as Guest Commentator on Minnesota Public Radio’s “Grammar Grater” podcast, July 31, 2008. The subject of this episode was synecdoche and Luke Taylor himself asked if I would make a small contribution as a visual artist.

Tudor Rose

A great gift is a framed stained glass window. It’s like hanging a framed painting illuminated by the sun! In this typical example, we started from a rough sketch which became a usable pattern, and then went about the process of selecting the glass. In this case an almost transparent red glass with light wisps […] → Continue Reading Tudor Rose

Matching Double Hung

Adapting a design from one shape to another presents an interesting challenge. In this case, the built-in buffet window which was the source of the design was a semi-circle. This design was to be applied to a double-hung window on the floor above it. The circular pattern was studied and replicated in such a way […] → Continue Reading Matching Double Hung

Alaskan Photo Holiday Card

A memorable trip to Alaska in June of 2004 yielded some wonderful images. This photograph of the mountains meeting the mirror-like glacial tidewaters of Glacier Bay surprised me. The reflection of the mountain in the water resembles a Christmas tree with snow! I decided this would make a great holiday card for that year. Without […] → Continue Reading Alaskan Photo Holiday Card

House Drawing

After drawing the house in pencil, I realized that the lack of color made this 1913 property look somewhat ominous. Playing off of that I decided to scan the drawing and digitally add colored glowing holiday lights! This became our Christmas card that year since we were living at this new address.