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Sun Catcher in the style of L.C. Tiffany

A typical sun catcher found in any gift shop will often depict a hummingbird, a flower or sun bursting with “paint-by-numbers” artificiality. Rarely do these whimsical figures represent the best that stained glass can offer because they are simply too small or too literal to demonstrate the subtleties of color and design aesthetics that is […] → Continue Reading Sun Catcher in the style of L.C. Tiffany

iPhone Holiday Card

I don’t do holiday cards every year, but when I do, I usually try to make it relevant and unique. Since I’m not a big fan of those holiday letters people like to send, I decided to compromise in 2008 with a card idea that Kimberly suggested. With all of the hype surrounding the iPhone, […] → Continue Reading iPhone Holiday Card

Newer Dragonfly Heat Cap Failure

This dragonfly shade suffered from an improperly attached heat cap. Sometimes called a “cold” solder, the cap was never fully attached, probably because it had been patinated (colored) before it was attached. Disaster was averted when the owner realized repairs were necessary. The cap was carefully removed and the top row of glass cleaned of […] → Continue Reading Newer Dragonfly Heat Cap Failure