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Antique Shade Aperture Repair

Although the cap may have once stood proud and tall, the undulating brass was not the problem. This shades upper aperture ring was pulling loose and had it been placed upon a lamp base it would have pulled completely through. It is a great example of the need for proper reinforcement. After carefully removing the […] → Continue Reading Antique Shade Aperture Repair

Adjustable Student Lamp

The term “student lamp” usually refers to oil-burning lamps that became popular in the early 1800’s. They were typically made of brass and appeared in both single and double burner models. Oil was stored in a reservoir on one arm to counterbalance a burner and glass shade on an opposite arm. They were popular as […] → Continue Reading Adjustable Student Lamp

Oval Repair

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. They are windows, after all, and over the decades accidents happen. In this example, several pieces are cracked. Matches for the clear and colored glass were found, but the frosted white glass appeared to be created by hand using sandpaper. Done properly, a restored window will look as good as new, […] → Continue Reading Oval Repair

China Photograph published on BBC News

Back in early 2003, the BBC News website was running a photo submission “contest” and hundreds of photos were submitted from around the world. Each week, the editors would select ten of the best images that captured world events from the average citizen’s perspective. This was an early example of Public Insight Journalism and I […] → Continue Reading China Photograph published on BBC News